Python Programming

(Batches Start from 22nd December 2023  & 8th January 2024)

About The Program

With the belief to build a healthy ecosystem as per the Industry Standards REGex Software brings Placement Oriented Program on “Python Programming”. We organize Program for improving the knowledge and skills of the Students/Professionals, so that they can become expert in the field of Programming and get their Dream Job in Software Development Field in Big MNCs.

REGex Software Services’s Programming course is a valuable resource for beginners and experts. This program will introduce you to Python and Interview Based Questions of Product Based Companies from Basics to Advance. If you are preparing for a coding interview, REGex introduce this program for you.

Weekly Duration

20 Hours Per week


Physical (Jaipur)
Online (Google Meet)


15 or 30 Days


30 per Batch


  • Learn Python (Basics to Advance)
  • Learn about Problem Solving Approach
  • How to Crack Interview Questions in Product Based Companies
  • 150+ Interview Based Questions in Live Session (Last 5 Years)
  • Live Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Learn how to use Data Structures & Algorithms in Problem Solving
  • Learn from Instructors of IBM, AMAZON, DELL, FRACTAL ANALYTICS, Car Dekho with 10+ years of experience

Study Material

  • E-Notes
  • Assignments per day
  • Poll test per day
  • Weekly Tests
  • 20+ hours on demand Live Video Lectures
  • 500+ Interview Based Questions for Practice 
  • Access of Lecture Recordings & Notes
  • Interview Questions of Product Based Companies
  • 24*7 Mentorship Support


  • Good Programmer.
  • Able to think out of the box.
  • Expertise in Domain Python.
  • Able to solve many Interview Questions of Top MNCs
  • Create your own personal portfolio site to showcase your projects to potential employers
  • Get Prepare for Technical Interview Questions of Amazon, IBM, Paypal, Cisco Infosys, TCS, HCL, Dell, Wipro, HP, Honeywell, Intel, Capgemini and many more
  • Get Package of Software Developer Role in Product Based Companies.

Placed Students//Partnership

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Placed Students

Course Content


  • What is Python?
  • History and evolution of Python.
  • Python’s popularity and use cases.
  • Setting up Python (installation).
  • Running Python scripts and using the interactive shell.
  • Variables and data types (integers, floats, strings, booleans).
  • Comments in Python.
  • Basic arithmetic operations.
  • String manipulation.
  • Variables and naming conventions.
  • Conditional statements (if, elif, else).
  • Looping structures (for and while loops).
  • Iterating through sequences (lists, strings, dictionaries).
  • Range and enumeration.
  • Using break and continue.
  • Lists: creation, manipulation, and methods.
  • Tuples: creation, immutability, and uses.
  • Dictionaries: key-value pairs and operations.
  • Sets: unique elements and set operations.
  • List comprehensions.
  • Defining functions.
  • Function parameters and return values.
  • Scope and lifetime of variables.
  • Importing modules.
  • Creating and using custom modules.
  • Reading from and writing to files.
  • Working with different file modes (read, write, append).
  • Using context managers with files.
  • Classes and objects.
  • Attributes and methods.
  • Inheritance and encapsulation.
  • Polymorphism and method overriding.
  • Constructors and destructors.
  • Handling errors with try and except.
  • Raising exceptions.
  • Handling multiple exceptions.
  • Using the ‘finally’ block.

Extra Sessions

Additinal Session on GIT, Linux, Docker, AWS Basics, Jenkins and many more for all students.

Fee Structure

Offline Fee


Price: ₹59,999/- (Flat 75% off) => ₹14,999/-
=> ₹5,000/-
(Limited Period Special Offer)


Online Fee


Price: ₹59,999/- (Flat 75% off) => ₹14,999/-
=> ₹5,000/-
(Limited Period Special Offer)


International Fee

Price: $1200 (Flat 75% off) => $300
(Limited Period Special Offer)

Cashback Policy

  • You will get your Unique Referral Code after successful paid registration.
  • You will get Upto ₹500 Cashback directly in your account for each paid registration from your Unique Referral Code (After Closing Registrations of this program) .
  • For Example:- If we received 10 paid registration from your Unique Referral Code then you will receive Upto ₹500*10 = ₹5,000.
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(Batches Start from 22nd December 2023 & 8th January 2024)

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