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2020-01-23-17-31-46-137 (1)2020-01-23-17-31-46-137 (1)
Internship for college students in JaipurInternship for college students in Jaipur
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Event At:- REGex Software Youtube Channel

Topic: Webinar on Pyhon-Django (Full Stack Development)

Event At:- IMS College

Topic: Webinar on Competitive Programming

Event At:- JIET, Jodhpur (May-June, 2020)

Topic: Competitive Programming(C++ & Python) & Database

Event At:- JECRC University

Topic: AWS Session (By MLH)

Event At:- Mody University, Laxamgarh

Topic: IoT Workshop ( Computer Society of INDIA )

Event At:- Graphic Era University, Dehradun

By Capgemini

Event At:- JIET, Jodhpur

Topic: Python and Competitive Programming

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WhatsApp Image 2020-02-21 at 1.41.08 AM

Event At:- Training in Capgemini

Topic: BigData and it's tools

Event At:- Chandigarh University, By Capgemini

Topic: Advance Python + Unix

Event At:- Poornima College, Jaipur

Topic: Python and ML concepts

Event At:- JIET Workshop, Jodhpur

Topic: Preparation for Infytq

Duration: August - October

Event At:- Celebration in Regex Software