Mobile App Development with Flutter

About The Program:

With the belief to build a healthy ecosystem as per the Industry Standards REGex Software brings a Training Program on “Mobile App Development with Flutter”. We organize Training Program for improving the knowledge and skills of the Students/Professionals, so that they can become expert in Mobile App Development field with Flutter and get their Dream Job in Software Development Field in Big MNCs.

REGex Software Services’s Flutter course is a valuable resource for beginners and experts. This course will introduce you to Dart Language, Components of Flutter, Navigation, Firebase, Authentication with Google & Facebook, Push Notifications etc. from Basics to Advance. If you want to become Flutter Developer, REGex introduce this course for you.

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What you will Learn

  • Dart basics, Components of Flutter
  • Navigation & State Management
  • SQLite Database
  • Firebase
  • User Authentication with Email-Password, Google & Facebook by Firebase
  • Display & Upload Image with Firebase
  • Adding & Managing Push Notifications
  • Debugging & Running App

Study Material

  • E-Notes
  • Assignments per day
  • Poll test per day
  • Weekly Tests
  • 60+ hours on demand Live Video Lectures
  • Offline Access of Lecture Videos & Notes
  • 24*7 Mentorship Support

  •  Working on Live Projects


  • Able to think out of the box
  • Learn about Dart language
  • Able to create effective UI using Flutter & Dart
  • Able to Manage different states
  • Able to apply debugging
  • Able to Authenticate User’s credentials with firebase
  • Able to Handle & Create Database

Live Sessions

Live Sessions by Expertise Trainers and Access of Recorded Session is also available

Live Projects

Get a chance to work on Industry Oriented Projects to implement your learning

24*7 Support

24*7 Mentorship Support available for all Students to clear all of your doubts


REGex provides Internship / Job opportunities to the best Students in different Companies.

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Course Content

  • Introduction of Flutter
  • Flutter Applications
  • Syntax, Data Types
  • Classes & Objects
  • Functions
  • Components

▪ Flutter Overview
▪ Widget Basics
▪ Functions
▪ Stateful & Stateless Widget
▪ Working with Core Components
▪ Working with List
▪ Button Types
▪ Mapping Lists to Widget
▪ Building Reusable Components
▪ State Management
▪ Handling Screen Layout
▪ Styling Components
▪ Styling Images
▪ Make our App Scrollable with ScrollView
▪ Working with Alert Dialogue Box
▪ Working with Forms
▪ Creating Splash Screen in Flutter
▪ Making Toast in Flutter
▪ Internal Intent
▪ External Intent
▪ Web View in Flutter
▪ Advance Concepts of Dart & Flutter

▪ Running App on Emulator
▪ Running App on Physical Devices
▪ Debugging our Flutter App

  • A Basic Daily Expenses App

▪ Working with Multiple Screens
▪ Creating Grid
▪ Working with Linear Gradient
▪ Navigating from one screen to another
▪ Managing state at different screen

  • Introduction
  • Queries
  • Connection
  • A Basic E-Commerce App with Basic Functionalities

▪ Setup and how to send Http request
▪ Storing Products on a Server
▪ Fetching Products from a Server
▪ Setting Up a Navigation Listener
▪ Updating & Deleting Products
▪ Handling Errors
▪ Display Activity Indicator
▪ Storing Orders
▪ Fetching Stored Order

▪ Understanding User Authentication
▪ Manage Loading State & Errors
▪ Firebase Overview
▪ Working with Firebase
▪ User Authentication using :-
● Email & Password
● Google
● Facebook
▪ Implementing “Auto login” & “Auto Logout”
▪ Image Upload & Display

▪ Working with Camera & Gallery
▪ Adding Location in our Apps
▪ Using MapView in our Apps

▪ Understanding Notifications
▪ Getting Permissions
▪ Controlling Display Notification
▪ Getting Push Tokens
▪ Sending Push Notification

▪ OTP Authentication using Message API

▪ Persisting App State

  • Learn How to publish you App on Google Play Store
  • Make Fully Functional E-Commerce App
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