Placement Opportunities in Companies

You can get Internship/Training Opportunities to get placed in HP, DELL, Honeywell, Rightpoint, Frontdoor, Fractal and many more according to your performance

Package Offered So Far

Minimum Package

4.4 LPA

Average Package

6.2 LPA

Highest Package

32 LPA

Placement Process

  • We’ll train you from first week and TEAM will analyze your performance according to your Assignments & tests.

  • It’s compulsory to complete 75 – 80% assignments and tests to get Placement Opportunities.
  • You will be tested by different type of tests and assessments.

  • After Completion of 4th – 4.5th month, we will guide you about resume making and Team will take your resumes and analyze it accordingly.

  • After this process you will get details about the further process of exam according to your performance and company’s requirement.

  • You will get Opportunities back to back from REGex End via a mail according to your performance.