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Tushar Goyal

Co-founder & CTO

Tushar Goyal is a visionary founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) known for his exceptional skills as a corporate trainer and data engineer. He is highly versatile and open to taking on diverse projects in web development, Android applications, iOS, web hosting, digital marketing, cloud-based technologies, content writing, and more.
Tushar’s key technical skills
  • Tushar’s technical expertise spans multiple areas, including Linux, Unix, AWS Cloud, Dockers, Kubernetes, Bigdata Hadoop, DevOps, Ansible, DataBricks, Google Cloud, BigQuery, Hive, and Talend.
  • He has extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of AWS, such as EC2, IAM, S3 life-cycle rules, cross-region replication, EBS, EFS, CloudFront, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, RDS, Boto3, and Amazon Lambda functions.
  • Tushar is proficient in programming languages like Python, Python Flask, Scala, Java, C, and C++, enabling him to tackle complex technical challenges and deliver high-quality solutions.
  • His diverse skill set equips him with the ability to handle a wide range of technical tasks and adapt to different project requirements.
  • With his deep expertise in both cloud technologies and programming languages, Tushar is well-positioned to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to complex technical problems.