Competitive Programming with Python
(Algorithms & Data Structures)

(Batches Starts from 9th Nov, 2020)

About The Program:

With the belief to build a healthy ecosystem as per the Industry Standards REGEX Software brings a Skill Development Program (SDP) on “Data Structures with Python”. We organize Skill Development Program for improving the knowledge and skills of the Students/Professionals, so that they can become expert in Data Structure and get their Dream Job in Software Development Field in Big MNCs.

REGex Software Services’s Competitive Programming course is a valuable resource for beginners and experts. This course will introduce you to data structures and algorithms in Python(from Beginner to Advance). If you are preparing for a coding interview, REGex introduce this course for you.

What you will learn:

  • Python (Basics to Advance)
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Problem Solving Approach
  • How to Crack Interview Questions in Product Based Companies
  • Learn how to use Data Structures & Algorithms in Problem Solving

Study Material:

  • E-Notes and an ISO Certified Certificate
  • Assignments per day
  • Poll test per day
  • Weekly Tests
  • 50+ hours on demand Live Video Lectures
  • Offline Access of Lecture Videos & Notes
  • 24*7 Mentorship Support

Course Content

Section 1
-> Setting up the environment
-> Jupyter NoteBook
-> Know about Importance of Competitive Programming
-> Key to get a JOB in Product Based Company, Start preparing for it
-> Data structures and abstract data types
Section 2
-> What is an array data structure
-> Arrays related interview questions
-> Linked list data structure and its implementation
-> Stacks and queues
-> Related interview questions
Section 3
-> Algorithmic Thinking, Peak Finding
-> Models of Computation, Python Cost Model, Document Distance
-> What are binary search trees
-> Practical applications of binary search trees
Section 4
-> Problems with binary trees
-> Binary Search Trees
-> BST Sort
-> Balanced trees: AVL trees and red-black trees
-> AVL Trees, AVL Sort
Section 5
-> Insertion Sort, Merge Sort
-> Heaps and Heap Sort
-> Counting Sort
-> Radix Sort
-> Lower Bounds for Sorting and Searching
Section 6
-> Associative arrays and dictionaries
-> How to achieve O(1) constant running time with hashing
-> Ternary search trees as associative arrays
-> Hashing with Chaining
-> Simulation Algorithms
-> Table Doubling, DNA Sequence Matching
Section 7
-> Numerics
a) Integer Arithmetic
b) Karatsuba Multiplication
c) Square Roots
d) Newton’s Method
Section 8
-> Shortest path algorithms
-> Dijkstra’s algorithm
-> Speeding up Dijkstra
-> Bellman-Ford algorithm

Section 9
-> What are spanning trees
-> Kruskal algorithm

Section 10
-> Sorting algorithms
-> Bubble sort, selection sort and insertion sort
-> Quicksort and merge sort
-> Non-comparison based sorting algorithms
-> Counting sort and radix sort
Section 11
-> Memoization, Subproblems, Guessing, Bottom-up; Fibonacci, Shortest Paths
-> Parent Pointers; Text Justification, Perfect-Information Blackjack
-> String Subproblems, Pseudo Polynomial Time.
-> Parenthesization, Edit Distance, Knapsack
Section 12
-> Computational Complexity
-> Algorithms Research Topics
-> String Subproblems, Pseudo Polynomial Time.
-> Parenthesization, Edit Distance, Knapsack

Benefits of attending this Program :

  • Get ISO Certified Certification
  • Update you skill set in the world of technology that moves quickly
  • Learn at Accelerated pace in your busy schedule
  • Opportunity to Crack Interview Questions of Product Based Companies to get your Dream Job in MNCs
  • Rediscovering your passion of learning new things


  • Good Programmer
  • It will help you in Every Domain
  • Able to think out of the box
  • Expertise in different Domain like Python, Data Structures & Algorithms, Problem Solving
  • Able to solve many Interview Questions of Top MNCs
  • Create your own personal portfolio site to showcase your projects to potential employers
  • Package of Software Developer in Big MNCs starts from 8 LPA

Our Previous Batch Results

Highest Package: 31 Lakh CTC

Average Package: 8.4 Lakh CTC 

Note: More than 70% Students have got package more than 8 LPA

Fee Structure

Indian Fee: ₹1999/- (Flat 75% off) => ₹499/-

International Fee: 60 USD (Flat 75% off) => 15 USD

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(Batches Starts from 9th Nov, 2020)

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