About Founders

Shivam Maheshwari


Shivam Maheshwari, the Co-Founder & CEO of REGex Software Services, is a young entrepreneur, motivational speaker and corporate trainer with 6 years of experience in the corporate and development fields. He specializes in various domains and manages the entire venture. REGex Software Services is always open to working on all kinds of technical projects, such as web designing and development, designing responsive applications for Android and iOS, web hosting, ad maintenance, web development, digital marketing, cloud-based technologies and many more. The individual manages and controls the entire venture and takes it up without any investment. He has helped many students secure placements in reputable product-based companies like Goldman Sachs, Amazon, TCS, Wipro, Microsoft, Cloudera, and many more. The key to REGex Software’s success lies in Competitive Programming and its high placement ratio in big multinational corporations.
Shivam’s expertise:
  • Shivam has trained employees and students from top organizations and colleges, including Capgemini, Wipro, Cognizant, Syntel, Infosys, HCL, MedLife, and more.
  • He is well-versed in conducting training sessions covering a wide range of technologies.
  • Shivam has successfully prepared students for competitive exams like INFYTQ and NLTH Wipro.
  • He has actively participated as a judge in various technical events organized by colleges.
  • Shivam’s expertise extends beyond corporate training, as he has also worked with startup companies and training institutes, such as Poornima College, PIET (Jaipur), JECRC (Jaipur), GIT (Jaipur), VIT (Jaipur), JIET (Jodhpur), M.K College, K. K. Wagh Institute (Nashik), Mody University, and more.

” The Key of REGex Software is Competitive Programming and placement ratio in Big MNCs. “

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Tushar Goyal

Co-founder & CTO

Tushar Goyal is a visionary founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) known for his exceptional skills as a corporate trainer and data engineer. He is highly versatile and open to taking on diverse projects in web development, Android applications, iOS, web hosting, digital marketing, cloud-based technologies, content writing, and more.
Tushar’s key technical skills
  • Tushar’s technical expertise spans multiple areas, including Linux, Unix, AWS Cloud, Dockers, Kubernetes, Bigdata Hadoop, DevOps, Ansible, DataBricks, Google Cloud, BigQuery, Hive, and Talend.
  • He has extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of AWS, such as EC2, IAM, S3 life-cycle rules, cross-region replication, EBS, EFS, CloudFront, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, RDS, Boto3, and Amazon Lambda functions.
  • Tushar is proficient in programming languages like Python, Python Flask, Scala, Java, C, and C++, enabling him to tackle complex technical challenges and deliver high-quality solutions.
  • His diverse skill set equips him with the ability to handle a wide range of technical tasks and adapt to different project requirements.
  • With his deep expertise in both cloud technologies and programming languages, Tushar is well-positioned to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to complex technical problems.